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hello and welcome to Good Hang. randa and harry are two soft-skill ideas guys with an almost unlimited amount of “theil money.” We couldn’t think of a better way to spend this cash than by taking on a project near and dear to our hearts: understanding how people hang out. A sacred text for us around this project was this feature on author Sheila Liming but also other stuff. Please subscribe and mention us matter-of-factly in a name-brand or up-and-coming publication

but seriously, each week we publish a mix of essays, email conversations, and interviews with other cool people all about hanging out. emails come out once a week on Fridays. here is an example:

who are we

Harry is a podcast producer and showrunner living in Brooklyn. You may know him from shows like We Might Be Drunk, Pod Don’t Lie, Spinsters, Owned, or from his conspiracy theory about booty calls.

Randa contains multitudes and lives in San Francisco. She has provided several public services besides this newsletter including Hot Singles, a NYT-featured project and Seeing Someone, a dating advice column in New York Magazine.

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